We offer rides around Moravian-Silesian region from Polish borders to Beskydy. We also attend social events and competitions.

Guided tour

Do you want to experience a lovely and educational day in the city and in nature? Find out what horses were used for in the past, explore the surroundings of our farm and walk up the Emma dump to get a beautiful view of Ostrava.

Plant agronomy

We farm and produce our own barley, oats and rye. We sundry hay and straw. All for our beloved animals.

Our horses

Come and visit our horses. Plan a lesson. We also rent our horses for special events (celebrations, children's day, sport days,..). We will bring our horses with a trailer or walk to your destination.

Horse-riding kindergarten

Children learn the basics of horse-riding a care about horses. We go on trips and special horse events.

Summer camps

We are preparing yet another fun-filled horse-riding camp this year.